The Sun in Glass Festival has moved to 11th year! On Friday we start at 17:00 and we will be led by Anakonda Benda practically all evening. The program will take place in the Brewery Garden with about 40 breweries. This number will be supplemented by another about thirty breweries, which will be presented on Saturday 21st September 2018. On this day we will start as usual at 13:00 and we will extend the program to the Brewery Court and to the adjacent Selská náves. On Saturday, we have again prepared a balanced mix of proven events, such as a tour of the PURKMISTR brewery and the adjacent beer spas, beer drinking competition, holding beer mugs and beer barrels, and shifting beer crates, music and dance productions that we believe will win your attention and contribute to the festival’s day cool. At this point, let’s mention at least a sample of the “beer fire truck” of Praga RN, where a beer tap tank is installed instead of a water tank. But the most important thing about our whole festival is the whole program from beginning to end - the chance to taste the production of a number of microbreweries, which is nowhere else on any other occasion. So - cheers! Yeah, and VELBLOUD will come!


20, September 2019 - 5 pm/ 10 pm 21, September 2019 - 1 pm/ 8:30 pm


Selská náves 21/2 32600 Plzeň

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